"Chasing the gamest fish that swim in freshwater"



At TN Moving Waters Guide Service we take a different approach to a guided fishing trip. We like to get away from the crowds and let you see what Tennessee truly has to offer.

 Take a trip with us off the beaten path and explore small rivers/streams that rarely see other anglers, but that doesn't mean we are talking about small fish. Giants roam these smaller waters and it is our goal to give you a shot at the trophy fish of a lifetime.


 We offer many different trips for a variety of species including wading for smallmouth bass and kayak trips for smallmouth, musky, and brown trout. We also offer boat trips for musky and smallmouth on the larger waters. Our guides are professional and strive to give you the best experience possible.


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Email: Tnmovingwaters@gmail.com

 Phone: (615) 506-2951